We are excited to announce there will be 2 amazing photographers roaming
the Great Hall and snagging photos including a keepsake shot with an installation
from artist Matthew Dutton.


Lauren coakley

Lauren Coakley was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. She graduated from Notre Dame High School in 2009, and graduated with a degree in Art and Photography from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in May of 2014.

Her work covers a wide range of scenes; anything in the world that speaks to her. Although her photographs vary in subject, one thing that stays constant is her use of natural lighting. She photographs everything from the nature living around us on land to below the surface with underwater portraits. Her favorite subject to experience with photography is the natural environment: both the scenes that lay unaffected by humans and the scenes we may overlook in our usually busy, everyday lives.

“I would like to think my photography encourages the individual to ‘stop and smell the roses’ by enhancing various particular details.”

Amy kenyon

Kansas native Amy Kenyon relocated to Tennessee in 2001 with only two family members and zero insight on what direction she wanted her life to go. Amy worked in restaurants her first few years in Chattanooga before being gifted a Kodak point-n-shoot in 2008. For someone with few creative outlets, Amy found wandering around taking random pictures very refreshing and therapeutic. She began sharing these images on social media for fun and received positive feedback which inspired her to try out her first DSLR in 2009. Shortly after that she was offered a gig shooting a local band and from this, being an avid music lover, she found her passion.

She was hired as a house photographer at a local venue and was able to construct a substantial portfolio through working there. Amy has devotedly built upon her self-taught photography career since then and now gratefully makes a living through portrait and family photography in addition to live music and events. Amy has two sons, and hopes to teach and share the craft with them one day. She has been published in several online and local publications. Her work is also featured throughout  the newly-renovated Chattanooga Choo Choo, and in each hotel room.