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Think "Chef’s Table”, but instead of chefs, we have tattoo masters. We’ll be giving you behind the scenes access to the creative process of the artists. This is not a reality show style project, nor one of those simplistic videos about tattoos. The heart of our documentary comes from the personalities of the 4 talented people we choose to feature.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that @cheyenne_tattooequipment is coming to the show, and they will be sponsoring our documentary premiere event at the IMAX. There are only 100 SEATS AVAILABLE for the premiere. And rumor has it, there will be a Butter Beer Ice Cream Social to start off the festivities! Check out the trailer below and be sure to reserve your ticket!

A Wizard’s Journey follows 4 tattoo wizards at the first ever Literary Ink Convention taking place in Chattanooga, TN in March 2018. The documentary explores the lives, dreams, techniques and artistic inspiration of the 4 main characters; while the event is taking place with over 70 elite tattoo artists coming from all over the world to celebrate the intersection of literary fantasy and artistic magic.

Featured Artists


Ebony Mellowship

Ebony Mellowship comes all the way from Australia to make tattoo magic at Literary Ink.

She has been a tattooer for just over 8 years and began tattooing in the beautiful Margaret River in Western Australia.

She grew up hanging out at her parent's comic book store and was inspired to draw and paint from a young age. She tattoos all styles, but is most passionate and known for colorful, neo-traditional tattoos with bold line work and fine details. She has tattooed at many different studios across Australia, working in NSW for 3 years, and also doing flash days, guest spots and expos whenever possible. Now, the plan is to extend that internationally. She is moving to New Zealand to be with her boyfriend Myles in January (

She enjoys painting in watercolours , spending time patting her dog Taquito, napping, killin’ it at 80’s trivia, practicing drag makeup, talking about Literary Ink, complaining about hot weather and buying antiques.


Chelsey Hamilton

How do we begin to explain Chelsey Hamilton?

Chelsey Hamilton’s work is flawless. She has two Disney purses and a white Honda. I hear her cats are insured for $10,000. I also hear she does car commercials... in Disneyland. Her favorite movie is Aladdin: The Return of Jafar. One time, she met John Cena on a plane - and she could see him. She married her boyfriend in Vegas... it. was. awesome.***


Jennifer Edge

Her brain-cogs are always turning. This lady is a bottomless well of ideas and dreams. Relentlessly striving to grow Main Line Ink and herself as an artist. She is the mind behind the Literary Ink Convention, and after meeting with Axel Arzola a few times she accepted the challenge to make this film alongside the convention.

Well known in Chattanooga for her watercolor prowess and polka trash renderings, she tends to find unique ways to use line and color. Her sketchy style is all her own, and her clients are as loyal to her as Death Eaters are to ole Voldemort. Jennifer is a color-outside-the-lines kind of artist, and she thinks outside those lines too. When she isn’t working her tattoo magic, she enjoys spending time with her lovin’ wife and their pup, Birdie.


Anier Fernandez

Hailing all the way from Cuba, Anier is an artist to watch. His fine art background and understanding of color and composition meld together seamlessly to yield a truly inspired visionary. Anier has only been in the tattoo industry for 2 years now and he excels with realism, but his extraordinary talent packs its punch in any area of tattooing he approaches. He’s always up for a challenge, and his work never fails to blow us all away.

The Filmmakers

Will & Axel in front of 2018’s Diagonally.

Will & Axel in front of 2018’s Diagonally.

Axel Arzola
Director, Producer

Axel was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. In 2012, he immigrated to the US and received a scholarship to study film at Lee University. His films have screened at festivals in Canada, France, USA, Chile, Sweden, and Cuba. In 2014 Axel was one of the producers of another successful Kickstarter feature documentary called Harriet's Secret. He has a successful track record as a filmmaker and will carry this story with passion and vision.

In 2014, Axel helped Anier come to the US to follow his dream of becoming a world-class artist. This film makes their journey come full circle, and some of the film will take them both back to Cuba to tell the story from the place of origin. From the streets of Havana to the beaches of Hawaii, Axel has traveled the world making movies and his passion for stories is contagious.

Will Vest Cinematographer

Will is a Cinematographer from Tennessee who has worked in everything from corporate videos to short films and music video, and many different types of projects in between. My ultimate goal in everything that I create is to tell a story as effectively as I can. Angles, Lens choice, Color, etc all play such a vital role in the process of visual communication. The projects that I love the most is when you pair a powerful story with powerful visuals.

Will and Axel met in 2017 during a work trip to Nigeria where they both worked together to capture one of the biggest crusades in the continent. They clicked immediately and since then have been waiting for another chance to collaborate.